U18 USYD Application

1. Apply with Study Vision

Student/Parents/Agent submit an Accommodation Placement Application to Study Vision online

2. Invoice sent by Study Vision

Study Vision issues an invoice for accommodation placement, airport pick up and 4 weeks rental to the student

3. Proof of payment

After paying the invoice, the student sends proof of payment to Study Vision

4. Student Agreement sent

Study Vision issues a student agreement to the student including the homestay profile

5. Student Agreement is signed

Student and parents sign the Student Agreement and return it to Study Vision

6. Student Agreement forwarded to university

Study Vision makes the necessary arrangements, and instructs University of Sydney to issue the documents needed for the student to apply for their visa

7. Visa application is made

Student submits their visa application to the Australian Government

8. Visa is granted

The Australian Government grants a visa to the student

9. Flight is booked

Student books their flight to Australia

10. Visa and flight confirmed with Study Vision

Student informs Study Vision that they have received their visa and confirms their flight details

11. Airport pickup confirmed

Study Vision finalises the student’s accommodation and airport pickup arrangements, and reissues the Student Agreement, with the correct flight details.

12. Student Arrives

The student arrives, and is welcomed into their new home with a Study Vision Homestay. The student contacts Study Vision as soon as they arrive at their homestay.

13. Ongoing Support

Study vision provides full support and rental management of the student’s stay in their Study Vision homestay.