How to apply with us

The following steps outline the application process for homestay or other accommodation options, airport pickup and welfare services.

1. Apply Online

Submit your online student application with us by visiting this link.

2. Receive and pay our invoice

If we are able to meet your requirements, we will send through an invoice

3. We begin our service

Once we receive your payment, we will begin our search for the right homestay for you.

4. We sent you our offer

Once Once we have found the right homestay, we provide you with a detailed offer.

5. Homestay is confirmed

Once you accept our offer, a final confirmation is sent to both you and the homestay.

6. Ready to arrive

Your homestay is now booked and waiting for your arrival.

7. Post-arrival Contact

Once you arrive, you will be required to contact us to confirm:

  • your contact details and;

  • you have arrived safely at your homestay.

You can contact us via email, phone or social apps.

8. Continuing at your homestay

If you plan on continuing at your homestay, we will continue to manage your rental payments for as long as you stay.

9. Moving Out

If you want to move out from your homestay, you need to notify Study Vision at least 2 weeks before you want to move. Notice must be given by email, and the 2-week notice will start from when Study Vision confirms receipt of your email on the next business day. If you do not provide 2-week notice, you will need to pay additional rental up to the end of the notice period. We can also help you find other accommodation if your requirements change.