Homestay guidelines for students

Below are our guidelines for students, to help you understand what your homestay will provide and how you should interact with your host family, to have the best homestay experience.

The first 48 hours

When you first arrive, your homestay host will do their best to make you feel welcome and help you to settle in to your new home. Below are some of the things they will do when you arrive:

  • Talk to you and spend time getting to know you

  • Find out what you would like to eat

  • Help you to contact your parents to let them know you have arrived safely

  • Make sure you know how to get to your school/university

  • Exchange mobile numbers and email addresses with you

  • Talk to you about the local area, and show you nearby places of interest (bus stops, banks, shops, etc)


All homestays provide the following:

  • A standard size (Single or larger) bed and bedside table. Please see the below table for standard Australian bed sizes

Bed Type


Single Bed

92 cm x 187 cm

Single Extra Long

92 cm x 203 cm

King Single

106 cm x 203 cm


137 cm x 187 cm


153 cm x 203 cm


183 cm x 203 cm

Super King

203 cm x 203 cm

  • Adequate wardrobe and drawer space

  • a decent size desk (approximately 1m x 0.5m or larger) with a lamp, and a chair for private study

  • Clean and presentable bed linen and towels.

  • Toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent.

Cleaning your bedroom

You are responsible for keeping the bedroom clean and tidy. The host will make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to do this (vacuum cleaner, duster etc), and are aware of how to use this equipment. The room should always remain in a tidy and clean condition. Please clean your room on a regular basis.

No smoking indoors

Smoking is NOT allowed inside any Study Vision homestay. If you smoke, the host will let you know where you should go outside the house when you wish to smoke. Your host will also show you where to put your cigarette butts when you have finished smoking. Do not leave them on the ground, as littering is not allowed.

Bathroom, toilet & laundry

There should always be sufficient hot water for a bath or shower once a day. Due to water restrictions in Australia, your host may set a reasonable time limit for showers, usually around 10 minutes. Please respect that your host family and any other students also need to be able to use the bathroom, so do not stay in the bathroom too long.

Bathroom habits vary from family to family as well as country to country and your host will explain the ‘house rules’ about bathing and washing. Please leave the bathroom and toilet as clean as when you entered them.

Your host will show you how to use the laundry facilities.

Telephone & internet access

You should use your own mobile phone for all phone calls. We recommend that you purchase a SIM card at the airport when you arrive, or your host may be able to help.

Your host will provide internet access. If there are any issues with the internet access, please calmly speak to your host, and they will do their best to resolve the issues.


We want to ensure that our students stay healthy and eat properly.

Bearing this in mind, homestay hosts will provide you with:

  • A substantial breakfast every day. Usually, breakfast is self-served, but some homestays will have a cooked breakfast on the weekend.

  • A nutritious, cooked, evening meal including meat, poultry or fish (individual arrangements are made for those with special dietary requirements) sufficient to the needs of the student.

  • Light lunches on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please remember to let us know any special dietary requirements when you apply. If you do not inform us of your requirements, your host may not be able to accommodate them.

Your host will normally eat dinner with you. Please speak to your host during the meal, as this will help you improve your English. Remember, it is precisely this social and cultural interface that differentiates a Homestay from a Boarding House with Meals.

Your host will provide breakfast for you early enough for you to leave for college to get there in time for your first class

The evening meal is normally served around 6.30pm to 7:00pm. If you will be late, please remember to phone your host as soon as possible, to let them know.

Sharing family life

Study Vision students should live as full members of the home, sharing the same meals and living rooms as the host(s), and be made to feel ‘at home’. Study Vision hosts should treat students as a member of their own family and students are expected to respect reasonable family rules, which will help ensure a smooth experience at your homestay. Your host will explain these family rules to you when you arrive.

We encourage you to speak to your host as much as possible, to improve your English. The language spoken by the student(s) and members of the family should always be English.

When you go out, please let your host know where you are going and when you will be back. If you will be late or your plans change, you should telephone and explain the situation. Please remember that Homestay is not a hotel, and you should respect the host family and their rules.

You will be provided with a door key, and the code to any necessary security systems.

It is always a good idea to keep the host’s mobile telephone number should you need to contact them.

Inviting people to stay overnight

Your friends should not spend the night at your homestay without your host’s permission.

Health insurance and hospital

All students will have Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) cover. This is your responsibility under the terms of your student visa. If you do not understand this cover, please speak to your school/university. You can attend any public hospital by showing your OSHC card. You will need to pay any fees or charges and can claim it back from your OSHC cover.

Talking through personal issues

It is best for students and homestay hosts to work through issues directly with each other. Communication is a challenging but important part of staying with a homestay. When you need extra help, please feel free to contact Study Vision by email or on our office number (02 9669 5225, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday). In emergencies, please call 0410 691 761.

Arrivals and departures

Your host will make sure someone is at home on the day of your arrival to greet you.

If you are not using a Study Vision Airport Pickup Service, please contact the host when you arrive in Australia, to let them know you are on you way. If you will be delayed, please let the host know when you expect to arrive at their home.

Getting to your university or college

Your host will make sure you fully understand the public transport route to and from your college before your first day at school.

Rental payments

Study Vision will collect all Rental and Internet fees from you for the entire period that you stay with your homestay. Do not pay any Rental directly to your host at any time.

Study Vision will send you an invoice 2 weeks before any payment is due. Please make sure to pay this invoice within 7 days, to ensure there are no issues with your continuing stay at your homestay. If you have not received your invoice on time, please contact Study Vision by email at [email protected]

For our current Rental Rates, please go to

Student holidays

You must give at least 2-weeks’ notice of any intended holidays longer than 2 nights. If you will only be away for 1 or 2 nights, you must give you at least 3-days’ notice

If you will be away for 2 weeks or more, you will pay 50% of the normal Rental amount for the period you will be away. If you will be away for less than 2 weeks, you will pay the normal Rental amount for the period you will be away.

Please notify Study Vision of any intended student holidays, as soon as possible, so we can adjust your invoice to the correct amount. Once you have informed us, we will confirm your holiday with your host family.

Under 18 students - going on holidays

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parents, your Guardian, your school and Study Vision before you can go on holidays for any length of time.

Moving out

2-weeks’ notice is required to end any Homestay arrangement, whether you intend to move out of your homestay, or your host would like you to move out.

You must notify Study Vision by email to [email protected] at least 2 weeks before you plan to move out. The 2-week notice period will start from the next business day after Study Vision receives your email. If you do not notify Study Vision 2 weeks before you move out, you will need to pay additional Rental to cover the 2-week notice period.

If you move out before the end of your currently paid Rental, no Rental will be refunded.

Study Vision will check with you 2 weeks before the end of each Rental Period to see if you are planning to move out.

Under 18 students - moving out

If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from your parents, your Guardian, your school and Study Vision before you can move out of your homestay.