Understanding homestay

The articles below offer an introduction to homestay and the general requirements from hosts.

What is homestay?

Homestay is a popular form of accommodation whereby an international guest lives with a local individual or family (known as a host). In exchange for monetary compensation, a guest is usually provided access to a furnished bedroom, meals and facilities such as the laundry and other common areas of the home.

Homestay offers both the host and guest with the opportunity to exchange cultures, languages and backgrounds during their time together.

What is required from hosts?

At a minimum, a homestay host is required to provided guests with full-board accommodation. This includes:

  • breakfast and dinner on weekdays (Monday to Friday);

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends (Saturday and Sunday;

  • a private bedroom with a single bed, wardrobe and desk with a lamp;

  • internet access and;

  • laundry facilities

Who is a typical homestay guest?

At Study Vision, our guests are mainly international students who are studying at a major university or college.

The type of guest will vary based on:

Nationality: Approximately 90% of our students in recent years have come from mainland China. However, a growing number of students are now coming from other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Age: Most students applying with us range from between 15 to 28. Hosts can specify if they prefer to host only guests over the age of 18 or those underage.

Gender: There is a close split between the number of male and female students applying with us. Hosts can notify us if they prefer to host only a specific gender at their homestay.

How many guests can I host at one time?

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How much can a host expect to earn from homestay?

Payments vary across Australia and New Zealand cities. To see how much you can make in your city, please click here.