How often do I get paid?

All hosts receive payments via online bank transfers every 2 weeks. Hosts should expect payments in their bank account within the first 2-7 business days for each 2 week period.

What is included in my payment?

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Do I need to pay tax on my host payments?

No, under the ATO's tax ruling 2001/381, the amount received by a taxpayer with regards to a student who is boarding with them under a homestay arrangement is not assessable under section 6-5 of the ITAA 1997.

This is because the amount paid to you as a host to board a homestay student is used to pay all of the household expenses of the student (e.g. food, phone, electricity, etc).

Please note: This ruling is for hosts intending to board one or two students at any time. We strongly recommend speaking with your financial adviser about your specific circumstances before making a decision to host.

What methods of payment is available?

Payments are made to host via online bank transfers. Hosts should keep their bank details updated regularly via their host portal.

How do I update my bank details if they change?

To change to your bank details:

  1. Visit your host portal dashboard.

  2. Hover over the My Profile menu at the top of the page and select Bank Details from the dropdown.

  3. On the Bank Details page make the changes to the fields required and click the green save button.

Can I collect money directly from my guest?

No. To prevent any misunderstandings or issues from arising, all payments are to be collected by Study Vision.

If you have any concerns about payments, please contact us directly.

Can I obtain a summary of all my payments from Study Vision?

Yes. Our host portal provides you with a Booking History section which will contain a summary of all your students and their payments for each booking period.