Host Agreement

Agreement between Study Vision and Homestay Host Family

Study Vision places international students with high quality Homestays offering above standard accommodation and care, in all major cities in Australia.

The Homestay Host Agreement is the framework by which Study Vision, the Homestay Agency, and the Homestay Host Family agree on their respective duties, responsibilities and obligations with respect to each other, and with respect to the hosting of any student or other guests, who are provided or placed by Study Vision to live at the Home of the Host Family in a Homestay Accommodation arrangement.

This agreement never expires unless by acts of Force Majeure or if either Study Vision or the Host Family confirms in writing (by email or by post) to the other party of its intention to terminate the relationship.

Study Vision's Duties and Responsibilities

STUDY VISION is committed to providing students and hosts with positive and safe homestay experiences. STUDY VISION will work with Educational Institutions, agents, hosts, students and parents to strive to meet all stakeholders’ expectations.

By signing this agreement all members of the host family shall abide by all its terms and conditions. If a host family fails to do so, STUDY VISION reserves the right to move a student from the host family’s home at any time; and STUDY VISION’s relationship with the host family shall be terminated.

STUDY VISION recognises that hosts come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and demographic composition. Cultural or religious background shall not be the basis of any of STUDY VISION decision relating to the selection of hosts or continuation of work with any host family.

Students will be matched with families as per their personal requirements and no continuous supply of students to hosts will be guaranteed.

STUDY VISION advises host families to discuss any additional insurance needs for their home or contents with their own insurance broker/provider. It is always advisable to inform your Insurance Company that you shall commence or are already hosting international students in your own home under a Homestay arrangement. Study Vision shall not be held responsible or accountable to any abuse, theft, loss or damage, in all forms: whether physical/material, financial or non-material, arising from hosting any of our students in your home.

Hosts must have written permission from their landlord to offer homestay, if their home is a rented accommodation. All documents must be sighted and be current at the time the interview with STUDY VISION representative. With any subsequent changes in rented premises, STUDY VISION must be immediately notified in writing at least two weeks before that change occurs.

STUDY VISION and its associated Supervisors reserve the right to carry out regular inspections of the host family premises to ensure that the standards of Homestay provided remain high.

Homestay Hosts Expectations

  • develop positive relationships with students based on mutual trust and open communication

  • respect each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledge the uniqueness of each student

  • maintain frequent and regular contact with the STUDY VISION through the use of email and phone messages, ensuring all communications are responded to and/or completed within the agreed time

  • support and assist students to live comfortably in a clean and safe environment

  • respect the students’ right to privacy, understanding that privacy does not mean isolation

  • respect and tolerate the culture, customs, language and beliefs of their student

  • assist, support and nurture students’ talent and special skills

  • provide the student with a secure, private, clean and (warm in winter/ cool in summer) bedroom, good healthy food, simple snacks between meals, laundry facilities and a supportive environment

  • Ensure that the room offered to a student is a designated room within the family living environment and with proper size window and preferably with a lock on the door.

  • The building where the Homestay is provided must fully comply with all local and national building regulations. This includes adequate smoke alarms throughout the building (if in doubt, you must immediately call on a licensed electrician to upgrade your smoke alarms to current regulations). Advise newly-arrived students about all possible hazards (including the alarm system) inside the house, as well as hazards on the road.

  • Ensure that students do not share a room with other students or a member of the host’s family, unless specifically requested, and pre-approved both by the student, as well as in consultation with STUDY VISION. You shall not ask or force a student to change rooms for any reason, before you have discussed this with your STUDY VISION supervisor.

  • Politely detail (verbally and preferably in writing, too) applicable household rules and practices. (e.g. what time dinner is served, telephone/internet use protocols, rules regarding smoking, alcohol, guests/friends visiting, curfews, use of laundry, household tasks and bathroom conduct)

  • Provide all meals, to each student, as detailed in the homestay offer or confirmation letters. If in doubt, confirm with STUDY VISION when called on to accept a student. Offered meals must be of adequate quantities and in appealing varieties while using only fresh (non-expired) ingredients. Repeated complaints from student (s) about the quality or quantity of food served create a negative impression about the Homestay Host Family.

  • Speak slowly in clear and simple English to all international students, particularly those with poor English skills. Please refrain, while the student is around, from talking in any other foreign language with other household members, or watching media in other languages at high volume or for extended periods of time. This can only frustrate the students and increases their sense of isolation and thus home sickness.

  • Homestay hosts are expected to proactive in supporting their students’ English language skills. This must be on a non-commercial basis to maintain the “Tax-free” status of operating the Homestay at home. It is acceptable for a host to offer a student formal English lessons at home, at no charge. If a host intends to charge for this service, Study Vision needs to be made aware of that intention and any charges involved, well before the student is placed at the homestay.

  • The host family and all its members shall not sell to the students living at their Homestay any services or products, of whatever nature, or charge them for anything apart from the normal Homestay Rent and internet charges (which Study Vision has prior knowledge of) without prior written notification to and approval from STUDY VISION. This includes such things which are naturally expected to be provided free to students, such as toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent (and laundry machine use), bed linen and towels. As well as other services such as tuition support, etc.

  • Offer help, guidance, support and encouragement regarding all facets of the student adapting to life in Australia (this may require patience, empathy and a willingness to show the student more than once).

  • Express respect and demonstrate kind interest in the cultural, religious and ethnic background of the student. Please refrain from saying any offending comments, particularly under any stressful situation that may arise. Remember, we are all Humans.

  • Have a duty of care towards all students residing in your Homestay. Treat all students fairly, as you would do to your own children.

  • Liaise with STUDY VISION regarding any concerns or difficulties. Remember, we are all working together as a team. STUDY VISION is always available to help you and the student, if a problem arises.

  • Notify STUDY VISION as soon as you become aware of any change of circumstances in your household. STUDY VISION needs to be informed timely, by email or writing, about any changes such as movements out/in of your household members, or relatives or acquaintances living permanently or casually at your home; or any changes with your pets at home; or changes in your bank account details, etc.

  • When a new student first arrives, you, or someone from your family or friends, must be available to welcome them at the home. Offering a kind smile together with a snack and a drink is most appropriate. Remember the student has just left all family and friends back home, probably for the first time ever in her/his life, and is tired and often excited to arrive to your home. Please encourage the students to immediately email or call their parents back home (using their own mobile phones or laptops) as soon as they arrive at your home, to assure them of their safe arrival. Parents are quite anxious to receive this call, even if the students may not be so.

  • Your student must be able to gain internal access at all times. At no time will it be accepted that your student is left outside your home unable to gain internal access. A house key must be provided to each new student from first day coming to live at your Homestay. Bedroom, bathroom and toilet facilities must all be fitted with internal locks for privacy.

  • If you are HOSTING A STUDENT UNDER THE AGE OF 18, Homestay Rents are higher as you will have special duties of care towards these children. Please read carefully the following conditions which you must abide with:

    1. Keep handy at all times, the name and contact details of the guardian (caregiver) of the student, for any emergency. These students, under Australian Laws, must have an appointed Guardian who would approve their Homestay accommodation and support them until their 18th birthday.

    2. These students are children and do need attention. For example, under current legislation, they cannot be left at home overnight, unsupervised by an appropriate adult, or supervised by an adult who has no Working With Children Check (WWCC). If your life style requires you to be away from home overnight or longer at times, and no other member will be at home to look after the students, you must not host under 18 students at your Homestay.

    3. It is mandatory that all your household members who are over 18 years of age must be individually screened and Cleared for Working With Children Check (WWCC). Please check our web site for full details.

    4. Never allow the student to sleep out overnight at another residence without first gaining approval from the nominated student’s Guardian. Keep a record of dates and Guardian approvals, and destination (where, with whom, duration, contact details and address).

    5. Never allow the student to go on holidays without first gaining the Guardian permission. Keep record as in item 4- above.

    6. Always notify the education provider promptly if the student will be absent from school or will arrive late to school on any day of the week. Keep the name, phone and address of the school handy at all times.

    7. Must observe that the student who is living in your Homestay arrives to school on time, every school day. Consult with the student’s Guardian, without hesitation, if support is requested.

    8. Keeping the student’s appointed Guardian informed regarding any issues concerning their student’s health, eating disorder, mental and psychological condition, and any suspicious behaviour particularly with suspicious friends.

    9. If you are hosting underage students studying at the University of New South Wales, you are only allowed to host up to 3 students at a time.

Homestay Hosts must agree to immediately advise Study Vision as soon as any of the following conditions occurs:

  • A bedroom in the house is going to be vacant.

  • A student is sick and is refusing any treatment, a situation that may jeopardise the student’s safety or well-being. Similarly, if the student had an accident or is absent from the Homestay for more than 24 hours without calling.

  • Any dispute between the student and the host, where the host is unable to resolve. Remember Study Vision supervisors are multi-lingual (Chinese, Russian and Arabic) and we can help you if language is a problem with a student.

Fees (Rent & Internet)

Our price list is available on our website (

The host family must

  • Agree that Study Vision will collect all Rental and Internet Fees payable by students, for as long as the student continues staying with the homestay. Study Vision will transfer the Rental and Internet Fees to your account within 2 – 7 business days of the start of each 14-night Rental period. The amount of the Rental and Internet Fees will be confirmed in the Confirmation for each student.

  • Agree that the Homestay Rent is inclusive of everything expected from the Homestay. The host must not charge for anything else or vary the rent collected from the student after the initial booking period, without first consulting Study Vision.

  • Agree to refund to Study Vision any monies in excess of those contracted to be paid to the host within one week of becoming aware of the overpayment.

  • Agree to return any outstanding homestay fees to Study Vision if the student is removed from the home by Study Vision.